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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Q: What services does your roofing company provide?
3g roof, provides high quality installation and replacement for shingle and metal roofing, as well as in siding and seamless gutters.

2. Q: How do I know if my roof needs replacement?
Usually when there is a stain on the roof due to a small leaking or right after a hailstorm the roof is vulnerable to a mayor leaking. Another important reason is wind damage, pieces of shingle blow away leaving your house without the roof protection in some spots of the roof.

3. Q: Can your roofing company handle both residential and commercial roof replacements?
Yes, we do.

4. Q: How can a Roof Installation benefit me as a homeowner?
A roof installation (new roof) will mainly protect your home from the elements , it will improves significantly the appearance of your home at the same time that your house acquires a higher resale value, also some new roofing material will provide an enhanced energy efficiency to your house.

5. Q: What types of Roof Repair services do you offer?
Whole and partial roof replacement, building additions, vents and skylights replacement.

6. Q: How can I recognize signs of storm damage to my roof?
Mostly dented marks on shingle or metal panes (indentation), sometimes when asphalt shingle granules in your gutters, debris in your yard as well as moved off, missing or broken pieces.

7. Q: Can your roofing experts help assess storm damage and guide repair or replacement decisions?
Yes, we can.

8. Q: How can I request a Roof Replacement estimate from your roofing company?
Simply by a phone call or text message.

9. Q: Are your roofing materials and techniques compliant with local building codes and standards?
Yes, they are.

10. Q: Can I choose from various roofing materials for my replacement or installation?
Yes, you can, you can switch from shingles to metal or vice versa. We also encourage our customers to change their roofing color for appearance improvement when desired.

11. Q: How quickly can your roofing team respond to urgent Roof Repair requests, such as leaks after a storm?
Mostly right away, as we work all season round which include Saturdays and Sundays.

12. Q: Can your roofing company assist with insurance claims for storm damage repairs or replacements?
Yes, we can. Our insurance experts will assist you with any insurance claim. Even with any items insurance adjusters may miss out.

13. Q: How can I prevent storm damage to my roof and minimize the need for repairs?
Installing a class 4 shingle or a thicker metal gauge

14. Q: Can your roofing experts assess the overall condition of my roof during a Roof Replacement consultation?
Yes, we can, we even assist our customers on unexpected situation under your roof. Or experts’ installation crew are ready to respond quickly to those unseen situations under your roof such as rotten OSB or wood decking.

15. Q: How can I get in touch with your roofing company to schedule services or inquire about options?
Give us a call to get a free no obligation consultation and inspection.

Our Full Range of Services

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Asphalt Shingle Roofing

Elevate your home with our asphalt shingle roofing, a blend of durability and elegance. As expert asphalt shingle roofing installers, we specialize in a range of styles, from architectural shingles to hail-impact-resistant options. Our team's skilled installation ensures your roof is not only visually appealing but also provides robust protection. Trust us to enhance your home's curb appeal and safeguard it against the elements.

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Metal Roofing

Our metal roof installers are dedicated to transforming your home with top-notch metal roofing solutions. Specializing in both corrugated galvanized steel and snap-lock standing seam roofs, we guarantee durability and style. Our advanced installation techniques ensure your roof's longevity and visual appeal. Choose us for a metal roof that combines innovative design with unmatched efficiency.

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As experienced siding installers, we offer a variety of siding options to revitalize your home's exterior. Our selection includes vinyl, metal, and Hardie board, tailored to fit your specific style and functional needs. With our siding services, expect not just an aesthetic upgrade but also enhanced durability and insulation for your home. Let us transform your home's exterior into a beautiful and protective shield.

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Upgrade your home's functionality with our expert gutter installation company. We specialize in seamless gutter installations in both 5" and 6" options, ensuring a perfect fit for your home. Our gutter guard systems offer a maintenance-free solution, keeping your gutters clean and efficient. Choose our seamless gutter services for a comprehensive upgrade that enhances both the function and appearance of your home.